Affiliation No. 2131796


Mahaveer International School

MAHAVEER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the brainchild of the famous educationists Sh. K. D. Sharma, Sh. Dharmendra Bhardwaj and Ms. Manika Sharma, established in the year 2012, who had the vision and aim to provide an education which is holistic and could pace with the rapid changes, morally upright within the conducive environment to inculcate and instil the love and Conscience A Voice of God among the children.
Mahaveer International identifies and develops the intellectual and creative talents of a diverse group of students. Within a supportive and caring preparatory environment, students are encouraged to achieve their finest in academics, athletics, and the arts.
Our ultimate goal is to teach students to live humanely within the community in order to prepare them to meet the demands and responsibilities of the future in the broader world.



Our Curriculum

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English and the second language for all classes up to VIII is Hindi. Sanskrit is a third choice from classes VI to VIII. For a twelve year old school we have shown excellent results in both our Class XII & X Board examinations. We have shown extremely good results in both our Class XII and X Board examinations. Students are made to feel connected to everything that goes on in the world- through projects, curriculum related activities like excursions, workshops, lectures, seminars and national and international festivals and anniversaries. Teacher and student workshops are held by eminent subject experts. Counselors and teachers work with parents to guide students identify their capabilities and potential. Classes IX, X, XI and XII are given special counseling. At XI and XII two streams are offered – namely Commerce and Science.The Syllabus for Classes I to XII is according to the guidelines laid down by the NCERT. Physical Education and work experience are an essential part of the curriculum. Computer science is compulsory for classes IV to X.